Friday, August 29, 2008

Day Five: Down South in New Orleans...

Started the long drive to New Orleans, first crappy driving weather of the trip, lots of right up till Mississippi. Crossed over an enormous (~10 mile???) bridge that goes east into New Orleans. the bridge reminded me alot of driving through the Florida Keys to Key West with Sarah last spring break.

Checked into the only hotel stay of the trip, a holiday inn, and hit the town. Initially in search of food, we instead found cigars made by the New Orleans Cigar Factory. I had the rum soaked one and Beth had a hennesey Cognac one. They were really quite excellent. We then continued our search for food, but were quickly accosted on Bourbon street and dragged into a bar with a great live blues/rock band playing lots of hendrix/black crowes/etc. covers, and playing them really well. We discovered the horrifyingly inexpensive drink specials of bourbon street, and had to tear ourselves away and get some food before things got too rowdy. We went and found a great and mostly affordable Cajun Restaurant Pierre Antoinnes I believe, on Royal st. and stuffed our face with delicious Cat/Crawfish and Gumbo. We moseyed over to some other bars afterwards and indulged in 3 for 1 drink specials (not even happy hour! putting a huge exclamation point on how crappy Boston's lack of drink specials is). Watched some above average but not great rock band, in a pretty cool place, then got some 'To-Go' cups for walking around and drinking. Got dragged into the Jazz Emporium, which was pretty lame. Left after about 5 minutes, avoiding the crazy guy who dragged us in on the way out.

Then, we made our way down to Fritzels. A German bar, which is the oldest jazz bar in the french quarter (or so they claimed). Within 10 seconds of walking in the door, I knew I was in the right place. The band was amazing. Playing beautiful, fun, and just all around excellent straight Jazz. Drums, Piano, Upright Bass, and Trumpet/Vocals. Got some hurricanes, New Orleans' famous drink, and just soaked up the music for hours. One of the best shows I've ever seen in my life that had no cover. With the night getting late we enjoyed the stroll through Bourbon street one last time, which for a random Tuesday night at the end of August was a ridiculously hopping party. Anyplace that has multiple stores in less than a 1 mile stretch where the name is: 'HUGE ASS BEERS TO GO!', has to be pretty good. And so it was. Sleep in a real bed was a much welcomed thing.


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