Friday, August 29, 2008

Day Six: Don't Mess With Texas

There is so much fucking land in this country with NOTHING on it. Maybe they just stick it all next to the highways, but I have a feeling it only gets worse the further from them that you go. If you can't tell yet from this post... we've reached Texas. The drive out of NO was pretty wild though. There's about 100 miles of highway going west on I-10 out of NO that goes through swamp and is elevated the whole way, essentially a continuous bridge that goes on forever. It must have cost a goddamn fortune to build that thing, but its a pretty good road, so credit where credits due.

Got some great Texas BBQ at Willie Rays in Beaumont Texas as recommended by Beth's friend Nick who is from there. It was deeeelicious, authentic, affordable, and fast. Pretty much the perfect lunch stop. Next on to Austin via huge portions of Texas. We got into Austin and fought with the GPS to get us to a coffee shop. We then met my friend Lauren and chatted for a bit before heading out to grap some drinks and watch the famous Austin Bats. For those not in the know, Austin has the largest urban bat colony in the US(World?), and at sundown they all come out and swarm around the bridge. It was pretty neat to see, though I think it had been overhyped a little bit about how spectacular it was, but still a totally unique experience to see thousands of bats just endlessly streaming out of the bottom of this bridge.
Then we went to Stubbs, yes the one makes of that barbecue sauce you've probably seen in a store somewhere, which is also a great music club in addition to being a restaurant. We saw the Devil Makes Three who were absolutely excellent live. Tons of energy, lots of fun, great musicians all around. Might catch them in Tucson on Friday night as well, but don't know for sure. We shall see what the future holds.

Got back to Lauren's crashed on her futon pretty early, as we knew we had a super long drive ahead of us.

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