Friday, August 29, 2008

Day Three: From Mountains to Music

Woke up early Sunday morning made some more jetboil oatmeal and found a good loop hike to do in the Northwest section of the Great Smoky Mountains. Ran along a really nice lush riverside and through some really gorgeous forest which was practically rainforest thickness at points. Finished the hike through 'Millionaires Row' which was a stretch of 1/2 mile or so where there were some really old houses that used to be vacation homes of local wealthy families in the area. It basically looked like a really gorgeous ghost town in the middle of a national park, a very strange juxtaposition for sure. Only saw one bear on this hike, and likely our last for a good while.

Hit the road after that, 5 hours to Nashville, or rather...Christiana, a small farm town outside of Nashville where Beth's friend Evan lives. We got took much needed showers caught up with emails and Went into the city and got a drink at a local watering hole, had some delicious Nashville BBQ Ribs, and checked out a local bluegrass jam later that night. Went home and chatted over scotch and went to bed, not in a tent for the first time of the trip!

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