Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day 8: Rocket Man

Ahh Tucson. Relaxed and caught up with some neglected emails in the morning. Good some good mexican for lunch at a place Jared recommended.

Then went to the Titan Missle Museum. The Titan II missle was the primary method with which during the cold war we would have used to annihilate all life on earth as we know it. One of the old silos 20 miles from Tucson was converted into a museum to show the public what the working conditions were like on a missle silo crew. They showed off all the safeguards and explained why everything had to be engineered the way it was. It was an extremely cool place, meant to be able to withstand a direct nuclear blast and still fire off its payload and scorch some serious earth.

Came back and relaxed with Jen & Elliot a bit before heading out to dinner and then to get some drinks with their nerdy physics friends. They were a pretty dorky group, and I instantly remembered the mentalilty of socially awkward physicists in a weird sort of nostalgic way. Also, it reinforced my already firm belief that I dont want a physics PhD. Regardless, they were all nice, had some beers then went back to sleep early since we wanted to goto the Desert Museum just west of Tucson early in the morning before the sun forces all the critters to go hide.

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