Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day Twelve: Civilization Begins with Distillation.

Slept in late today. Walked around the area I was staying for a good but in the morning. Did a few errands, including getting a new cell phone, which was sorely needed. Settled on the LG Dare and after dealing with verizon's stupidity regarding account management and having to get my dad on the phone, finally got what I wanted and left. I really like it so far, apart from one inexplicable dropped call at an extremely inopportune moment.

Did alot of walking basically, soaking up the gorgeous 80-85 degree and sunny weather, which apparently is actually very uncharcteristic for SF this time of year. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. Got on the BART ( Bay Area Rapid Transit), which was great, imagine if the commuter rail in Boston was super fast, cheap, and actually useful. Thats what it was like. I met Beth over in Berkeley in east bay area. I realized on the ride over that I hadn't even eaten yet that day, so we promptly found a brewpub, thanks to my new phone, and I wolfed down an entire pizza, which was delicious, regardless of my obvious hunger, as well as throw down a few of the local beers. We met Beth's friend David when he got out of class and went to another very good berkeley bar and had several rounds of drinks. Had alot of good conversation and beer for a good while, then left to go meet lauren in the Marina district. Supposedly, this area is where all of the 'beautiful people who know it' go to party most of the time. But a place called the blue light on Tuesday nights is the exception. Taco Tuesday, as they call it, can be summed up very quickly. 3-2-1, as in 3 Dollar Margaritas, 2 dollar coronas, 1 dollar tacos. Happy hour/drink specials like that are making it pretty easy to deal with not being able to goto my favorite watering holes in Boston anymore. We met alot of cool people and had some good laughs and enjoyed the affordable prices. Took a cab back, dropping Beth off near Luke & Michelle, and I went back to Lauren's to sleep. Tomorrow, we conquer California and camp out at crater lake National Park, before heading Portland for the day on thursday and seattle that night. Where does the time go! It's been amazing so far, time to finish strong now.

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