Saturday, September 6, 2008

Day Eleven: All your Hippies are Belong to us

I woke up and met up with my friend Lauren from high school and her boyfriend for brunch the next morning. Got some real good eggs benedict on crab cakes and wolfed it all down. We later took the Muni downtown and saw all the sights of SF, walked along the water, saw fisherman's wharf, the seals, some awful live entertainment/magician who was just horrible, and putzed around SF for the majority of the day talking and catching up.

We went to Delores Park ( I think that was the name? ) where lindsay met us and we drank some hard cider and people watched all the crazy san franciscan free spirits. I feel like, in San Francisco, they can't actually get laws like public nudity and open container laws passed through legislation... but it doesn't much matter since no one enforces it or even worries about it. We met up with Luke Michelle and Beth and some of their friends in the area for dinner at a mexican joint down the block. Got some good mexican grub, and a group of us went to a party with Luke & Michelle at their friend's place. The "appartment" was amazing. It was a converted old wharehouse, that was a 9 person living space with amazing open kitchen and living room areas. All the rooms had interesting features like lofts and they had great artwork everywhere. It was one of the most unique living arrangements I think I've ever witnessed. Anyways, we had a good time and decided to spontaneously bring a pinata, so had fun busting that open and got some pretty funny video's of both hits and misses which I'll post in a day or two. Played a round of Mafia, which is a fairly entertaining game, and befriended some of the housemates and a physics major who worked with Luke. They were all very nice people. Eventually we retired and I went back to crash at Lauren's place. Stayed up watching 'The Devils Rejects' a Rob Zombie horror flick, with Lauren then fell asleep around 3am, no nightmares to report.

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